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Circular Thread Rolls

Mohindra Precision Tools Pvt. Ltd. manufactures Circular Thread Rolls for production and precision thread rolling of all types of fasteners and components. Circular Thread Rolls are usually made in two piece sets and also offered in three piece sets for rolling of special components and hollow pipes, etc. as per requirement. The Circular Thread Rolls are fabricated by Thread Grinding process. We have gained accolades in the global market as one of the trusted Circular Thread Rolls manufacturers and exporters from India.

Made From :
  • Selected Cold Work tool Steel grades

Manufactured For Both Types:
  • In Feed (Plunge Feed) and Thru Feed

Features :
  • Varied measurement
  • Exceptional performance
  • Robust construction
  • Tested for quality
  • Reasonable price

Application :
  • Industrial usage

Information required for ordering Circular Thread Rolling Dies :
  • Roll’s Outer Diameter, Bore, Face Width and Keyway Size
  • Type of Dies : In-feed (Plunge-Feed) or Thru-Feed
  • Threading : Diameter and Thread Pitch along Thread standard of Fastener to be Rolled
  • Quality : Regular for General Thread Rolling and Premium for Stainless Steel and Hard material rolling
  • Angle of Entry & Exit : For Thru Feed Rolls
  • Any Special Operation : Radiused Run out Grinding, Chamfer angle other than standard 30 deg, etc

Specifications :

Thread Standards Pitch Range
Metrics 0.8-5.0 mm
British 4TPI-32TPI
Unified 4TPI-32TPI

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